Digital Game-Based Learning 
In Education

Which Games Are Deemed Relevant to Learning and Why
Quest Atlantis - “Welcome to the Quest! Your help is urgently needed on Atlantis. The Atlantian council is seeking your advice regarding important matters. On Atlantis, water and air are polluted, fish are dying, cities are decaying, people are sick. Your time has come to help by venturing on exciting Quests, searching for answers and sharing your findings with the council. As an active Quester you will become part of an international community of students. Talk to and share your ideas with Questers in Malaysia, Turkey, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, China, and different parts of the United States.”

What Wikipedia says                  Background                 Audio/Visual               The Creator and His Story

Professor Fizzwizzle - “Professor Fizzwizzle needs your help! His once-friendly Friend-Bots have gone in to rage mode, and have thrown him out of his lab! Can you puzzle your way past the Rage-Bots and help Professor Fizzwizzle set things right? He's counting on you!”

Fantasy Stock Market® - (1 of the 4 educator-selected financial games on this TrackStar list. The other 3 are on the left when you get to the link)

(Fantasy Stock Market also available through JumpStart Coalition)

Why Should I as a Teacher Believe these Sources? Here are some credible tools for your use:

Educating the Net Generation ("This 264-page collection explores the Net Gen and the implications for institutions in areas such as teaching, service, learning space design, faculty development, and curriculum. Contributions by educators and students are included.")

TrackStar (Want to limit the websites your students have access to and yet still give them the surfing experience of researching a specific topic? Use these short-leash teacher-selected and teacher-tested Favorite Places to "organize and annotate Web sites for use in lessons") Choose your subject, and see what experienced teachers recommend. 

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